The owners of Restaurant De Wandelaar have approached IJzersterk Interior Design with the request to come up with a plan for a complete new design for the restaurant, in which most of the furniture such as the tables, the original bench and the bar had to be preserved. The atmosphere of this beautiful old house also had to be kept intact but a modernization of the interior was in order. The entire colour scheme was changed to get a lighter and more modern appearance.

New, modern lighting has also been installed in the whole restaurant. Only the three beautiful, old, hanging lamps were retained. These fit in nicely with the age of the house.

The wall decoration is very special with a lot of depth and was made by the artist Ellie Cashman.

The original tiles near the stove were kept though the woodwork was made a few shades lighter. All new, comfortable chairs were fitted in, in black and white. The existing round bench was also painted.

The handmade bar was given new colours. The top was lightly stained and the support was painted black to fit in with the colour palette. This way, the whole restaurant is given a lighter character.






September 2013