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Working method

It is my objective to make a house or working space as personal and as comfortable as possible for the one who uses it. A space should fit in with its function ( cooking, sleeping and relaxing) but, above all, should be pleasant to stay in.

First conversation

In a informal talk, the wishes and demands of an occupant are dealt with. The space with its (im)possibilities is also considered. Maybe there is a question about the use of colors or the lighting could be inadequate. A short advice about an interior question can help you get started fast.

Lay-out plan

If a new lay-out is needed or you want a major change in your interior, a lay-out plan can be set up. Initially, a manually sketched design will be made in which possible changes will be suggested.


If you agree with the design, a drawing is made with the correct lay-out and measurements.


Pictures say more than words: a 3D drawing or perspective drawing of the future situation can bring a lot of clarity. You can extend the advice to your own liking.

In fact, anything is possible: from a short advice about the interior to a detailed plan for the whole space or dwelling.


My style: I like personality in an interior. That is why I often choose for a combination of old and new materials. Things which bring a history or retro furniture and accessories usually create a good atmosphere, even in a modern interior. But the starting point is of course always the taste and style of the person who uses the space. It has to become a space which suits you.


Functionality, unity, personality and surprise are keywords at IJZERSTERK interior design.

Anja Hesp




Brettney Vlieland


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