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Raibu is a extraordinary store for women clothes. The cloths comes from Japan, China or South-Korea. All of the pieces are hand-picked by the founder and owner of the store Sau-Han Wong. This makes the unique collection sereen, classy and cosmopolitan. These particular values where just as important for the interior.


IJzersterk made an 3D drawing to give a good picture of the new store. The ideas for the new store became more and more real with the drawings and the materials.


When you enter the store, you’ll see the wooden construction that forms the counter. Despite of the many lines the counter look sereen. Slightly to the left you can see the logo of the store in a subtile but notable way. The store feels calm and has a good overview, it really is a oase where you can escape the crowded Albert Kuip market. Underneath the pergola, which also is tailor-made for store, is a barista coffee machine waiting to serve you a nice cup of coffee during your treasure hunt. The colors in the store are calm especially the wood is proudly presented. Next to the clothes of course.


Fashion store




May 2019


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