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Top 7 Interior Trends spotted at Milan Design Week 2018

The Salone del Mobile Milano, or the Milan Design Week, is the annual international reference point for the furnishing and design sector. Because let’s be fair, the Italians know their design and high end quality. The interior design event draws in design aficionados and professionals from around the world to find inspiration and spot trends for the coming year. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go, but luckily I knew plenty of interior fans who were going. Anja Hesp, my friend and owner of interior design business Ijzersterk Interieurontwerp and Martina from Aangenaam Interieuradvies volunteered to photograph and share the top trends for 2018.

Anja: “Previous years it were industrial and robust styles that dominated interior design. However this year there was a clear shift to a more elegant, soft, airy and refined style. Nonetheless, the colour green and use of lots of plants hasn’t left the building yet”.

Trend 1: More Marble

The marble trend started in 2016 and continues in 2018 with more decadence and drama. Were it marble accessories and small furniture in previous years, now it’s also marble tiles, counter tops and complete marble bathrooms. Combined with brass it just exudes sophistication.

Trend 2: Warm hues

The cold and muted hues of previous years (e.g. blue, petrol) are making place for warm hues like terracotta, coral, plum, orange-pink, reds and rust-brown. Not just in the living, but also in less common spaces like the bathroom and kitchen one can add a splash of these warm hues.

Trend 3: Dark natural materials in the kitchen

In the kitchen we are seeing dark hues and natural materials like dark woods and natural stone. The materials are interchangeably used and combined to create a warm, elegant and robust look.

Trend 4: Memphis style from the 80s

Memphis Style is characterized by design featuring colorful decoration, clashing patterns and asymmetrical shapes. It was extremely popular in the eighties and made its comeback last year. We haven’t seen the last of it yet.

Trend 5: Round furniture and accessories

2018 is all about soft shapes, hence round furniture and accessories. We spotted round mirrors, round rugs, wall lamps, tables and even round storage solutions.

Trend 6: Unique bathroom storage solutions

Instead of the basic bathroom shelves and cabinets, 2018 introduces unique storage designs made with unusual materials like leather or marble. The clever designs keep your sanctuary uncluttered and organized while displaying your most precious utensils and toiletries in a aesthetic manner, yet easy to grab.

Trend 7: A colorful bathroom

Expect to see more colour in the bathroom with soft hued sanitary in powder pink, baby blue, army green and grey. With the round shapes and matte finish it creates a fun element to the bathroom.

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