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Pied-à-terre in Amsterdam


The people who bought this beautiful apartment in the Museum Quarter wanted a stylish house with dark and moody colors to match the period that the apartment was built in.
They already knew that they wanted an open plan kitchen and the entrance of the bathroom moved to the other side of the house. The kitchen, bathroom, floors had to be completely renewed and IJzersterk had the privilege to plan and create this. A full scale renovation started and the end result was a successful make over.

The new herringbone floors with high sideboards in matt black are a perfect match with the purple walls in the living room. The sofa in golden velvet pops out against this dark background. Brass elements like lamps and accessories are used throughout the apartment.

The same style was used in the master bedroom; dark walls with velvet wall textile and oak for the bed and wardrobe. A place to relax!

The smallest bedroom, the color scheme is a bit lighter than the other rooms. The grey wallpaper and pink furniture create a soft atmosphere.

IJzersterk used very large marble tiles in the bathroom ( 250 cm high) to get a hotel-like atmosphere with a walk-in shower area and round shaped sinks.






July 2017

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