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'Paris Chic'


This house in Amsterdam was divided in 2 parts; the ground floor was a rental apartment and the other 2 floors where a house for a family. When the new owners bought the house they contacted IJzersterk Interiordesign to make a plan for the renovation. They wanted to use all 3 floors for themselves and a nanny.

A big renovation took place and the lay-out was changed so it would fits their needs.


The space on the ground floor of the house used to be an apartment that was rented as a B&B, including a living area, kitchen, bedroom and small bathroom. The new owners wanted to use this large space as a kitchen and dining area.  The ceiling at the backside of the house is very high; 3,75 meter! There is no normal window but the light is coming form a sky window. Ijzersterk made a plan for the new kitchen including lights and colors.


Also both bathrooms were renovated, and the whole house got new floors.



Renovation complete house




August 2019

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