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Extension Molenstraat

voorgevel molenstraat

In Santpoort-Noord, a small village near the sea, this house built in 1912 needed some renovation. The owners, a family of 6 with 4 small boys, wanted to remove the old annex from the 70’ and needed more storage space. They also wanted to have an open plan kitchen.

IJzersterk Interiordesign came up with a design for a long corridor from the kitchen area ( the facade of the original building) until the large shed at the end of the garden. The shed transformed into a playroom for the boys. And the long corridor with glass on one side, has a lot of cupboards, a toilet and space for kitchen appliances hidden behind wooden doors on the other side. The strange form of the garden is hidden behind the wooden wall. It looks like a long straight corridor but actually at the beginning it is very broad and at the end it is very narrow.

In the house a lot of things were renovated and modernized. Two walls were torn down, the toilet was taken away so the kitchen could be bigger and a small kitchen peninsula was added.

The hallway became smaller and steel doors with glass was added to keep the draft away but the light in. The old low ceiling was taken down and floor heating was build in.


Extension residential building




November 2019

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